Frequently Asked Questions

why do i need a home inspection?


Home inspections are a great way to protect yourself in the purchase of a home. This is often the largest purchase our clients make. It is a good idea to have a professional look at the property prior sale, to protect you from any defects that may cause physical harm, or finanicial hardship.

when do i need a home inspection?


Most of our inspections are for clients who are purchasing a home. It is always a good idea to have a professional examine the physical elements of your home before purchase, to look for any defects that could impact your safety and/or cause any financial liabilities. We also provide inspections for homeowners before they put their homes on the market. This is a great way to understand and predict what a buyer's inspector may find.  It may help speed up the selling process, as the seller has time to repair maintenance issues prior to sale.  

Do I need to be present for the inspection?


You do not need to be present for the inspection, but it is recommended. If you are at the inspection, it gives us an opportunity to show you first-hand any issues that we may find.  Also, you will be able to better understand how the systems in your house function.  If you're unable to be there, having your agent present on your behalf is often a good idea. 

what methods of payment are accepted?


Payment is accepted at the completion of the inspection. We accept cash, check, credit card, debit card, or Chase QuickPay. An invoice may be provided with your emailed inspection report. 

How and when will i receive the report?


The report will be emailed to you in PDF format within 24 hours of the inspection.  

who has access to the report once the inspection is completed?


You, our client, will be the sole owner of the inspection report. If you would like us to copy your real estate agent on the email, we can do that upon your request. Other parties, such as the homeowner, do not have access to the report unless you provide it to them.  

Can I book an inspection if I am unsure of the age of the property or number of furnaces?


Absolutely. We ask these questions prior to the inspection, so we can better estimate the cost and length of time we will need to complete the inspection. We understand that not everyone will know all the details of the house prior to purchase, just provide us with as much information as possible. 

DOES NSBC Offer Radon Testing?


North Shore Building Consultants does not perform radon testing, however, we can arrange for it to be scheduled through a third-party contractor. Please request this service at the time of booking the inspection. 

can a property fail an inspection?


No. Our inspections are not pass/fail. We are providing a written report of the current condition of the property. Once you have received the report, you and your agent and/or attorney can decide the course of action you will take with the information provided.

can you provide quotes for repairs suggested in the report?


We are not contractors and therefore are unable to provide you with accurate quotes on the cost of repairs.  

can you perform repairs suggested in the report?


We cannot legally provide repair or maintenance services. 

does the homeowner have a legal responsibility to repair any defects listed on the report?


We perform the inspection and provide a report to you in an effort to give you a clear picture of the property at the time of sale. We are not code enforcers and have no legal power to tell homeowners what they must do. Once you recieve the report, your agent and attorney can advise on the actions you should take in your negotiations with the sale.