About NSBC

North Shore Building Consultants was established in 1985 by Dave Krakowski. The company provided home inspections in the Chicago area on a part time basis while Dave continued his job as the Chief Building Inspector for the City of Lake Forest, Illinois. He held this position until 1989 when he left to pursue his private home inspection business full time.

After 30 years and over 15,000 home inspections performed, Dave has built a reputation as one of the premier Home Inspectors in the Chicago Metropolitan area.


Jake Williams is the newest licensed Home Inspector on our team. Jake is an exceptionally thorough and detail oriented Home Inspector. In addition, Jake's considerable marketing and technology experience provides the company with the resources to stay current in the ever changing digital information environment.  

Most recently, Jake has achieved the title of 'Certified Professional Home Inspector' from the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. This ensures that Jake has proven his knowledge to be in the top tier of inspectors, and continues to develop more skills and knowledge daily.  Jake has performed hundreds of inspections since joining North Shore Building Consultants, inc.   



Illinois Home Inspector Licensure

CABO - Building Official


- 1 & 2 Family Combination Inspector

- Building Plan Examiner

- Plumbing Inspector

- Plumbing Plan Examiner


- Electrical Inspector

- 1 & 2 Family Electrical Inspector

BOCA/SBCCI - Building Inspector